Before We Start – Set Books and Required Materials (V)

Set Books & Materials for the Course


The Foundations of Chinese Medicine (1st edition, silver cover) – Maciocia (A good standard TCM textbook)

The Handbook of Five Element Practice (1st edition, purple cover) – Franglen (Useful to understand 5E protocols)

A Manual of Acupuncture – Deadman, Al-Khafaji, Baker – Or the phone app (on AppStore) Or See: JCM

Additional – Non Essential but recommended at a later stage:

Auriculotherapy Manual – Oleson (The best Ear Ac book)

Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine – Lyttelton (Our chosen standard though there are many books on this subject now)

ACI Locator tool: See on this link

Others you may consider:

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine – Jarrett (L.J. does a great job of blending 5E&TCM – A bit “flowery” in its language for some tastes but I think this is a book that shows acupuncture can go beyond the level of treatment into “spirit” and what he calls “destiny”)

Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture – Various (good pics)

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine – Maciocia

Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist – Miriam Lee (Do all your acupuncture with just 5 points!)

The Web that has no Weaver – Kapchuk (Old book but available for £5)

Traditional Acupuncture Vol2 – Worsley (Worsley the inventor/creator of 5 Element Acupuncture)

Any basic anatomy book – (lots of these and quite cheap if you feel that you need to brush up)

Acupuncture Point Combinations – Ross

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture – Adkins

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture – Wakefield

Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth – West

5 Element Constitutional Acupuncture – Hicks