Popular Points – Liver 3 & Colon 4 (V)

The 4 Gates is a Useful Protocol Using These Points Together

Liver 3 – Great Rushing (TaiChong)

Liver 3 is almost always needled with a sedation technique using a blue needle. This is because it is in the nature of the Liver/Wood to become stuck and excessive and sedation has a calming effect smoothing Liver Qi and relaxing tension. Needle depth is usually less than 1 cun.

  • Located on the dorsum of the foot distal to the junction of the first and second metatarsal bones
  • Shu Stream – Yuan Source – Earth
  • Spreads Liver Qi
  • Nourishes Liver blood and Yin
  • Subdues Yang extinguishes wind
  • Clears head and eyes
  • Regulates mensturation
  • Regulates lower jiao

Colon 4 – Joining of the Valleys (Hegu)

This point is usually sedated and is used very frequently. We use a blue needle without angling it, to a depth of about 0.5 – 1 cun. This is a strong point and it has a bit of a tendency to be on/off so we have to go gently with it since there will always be a Qi sensation.

  • Located on the dorsum of the hand between the first and second metatarsal bones, at the midpoint of the second metatarsal and close to its radial border
  • Yuan Source point
  • A major channel point used for headaches, toothache, shoulder pain etc
  • Regulates Wei Qi and adjusts sweating
  • Expels wind and releases the exterior
  • Regulates face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears
  • Induces Labour (FIP)
  • Restores Yang

4 Gates – in action

Uses 4 needles 2 on the hands (Co4) and 2 on the feet (Liv3). This protocol is very useful for anyone who needs to relax and calm down. The Co4 has an effect on the head, mind and upper body. The Liv3 also effects the head (the liver meridian actually runs internally to the vertex of the head) and it also relaxes the whole body including the abdomen and chest.