Measuring the Body 2 – Reference Points on the Arm (2V)

Reference Points

This video shows Jamie locating and needing points at the elbow and wrist. This is useful at this stage of the course because these are the points we need to learn first in order to measure the arm. They are all on the Yin channels on the medial side (inside) of the arm. It is 12 cun from PC7 at the wrist to PC3 at the elbow crease. 12 Cun from Ht7 at the wrist to Ht 3 at the elbow crease and 12 cun from Lu9 at the wrist to Lu5 at the elbow crease. Although the differences between these measurements are actually very small (i.e. you could get away with measuring your 12 cun from PC7 to PC3 and using it to measure for HT points) it is important to always be aware of the pathway of the meridian you are working on and measure accordingly.

Showing the measuring using the cun locator.