What qualification will I get, is it a diploma or a degree? 


You will obtain a certificate to practice issued by us and become a member of the AHPR, our register of graduate practitioners. It is not possible to obtain a degree or a recognised diploma in one year. Our course follows current procedures and we use an independent examiner for our point location and needle safety exams. External accreditation is generally only possible for longer courses such as those where one obtains a degree and it greatly adds to costs. We run a different kind of course to cater for a different market. Our graduates use the title CertAc AHPR and are automatically included on our own register.


How can you possibly learn to be an acupuncturist in this time scale?  


Generally acupuncture courses are for 3 years (not full time) but this does not mean it is the only way. We believe that it is quite possible to learn enough to be safe, confident and effective in a shorter time. This course offers an alternative to the high cost, time commitment and academic study required of a 3 year course. Our graduates are living proof that you can learn to be a practitioner in less than a year so long as you are committed and apply yourself to it. In fact there are quite a few people who practice acupuncture who have done shorter courses or trained abroad.

Will I be safe? 


Yes, we will train you to the same standards in acupuncture health and safety as anyone else. It is not complicated or difficult to be safe with acupuncture but you must observe a few strict rules.


Who can do the course?


Most of our students have already done some study and work as a therapist of some kind. Students need to be over 20 and have some life/work experience, but our basic policy is to be open to all wherever possible. If in doubt please ask or come to an open day, we will see what we can do for you.

How much does it cost? 


Costs are explained here.


Are you planning any weekend acupuncture training courses/weekday courses/courses in other places like London/Scotland/Ireland/Spain etc? 


Not at the moment but feel free to ask if you have a proposal.


Can you send me a prospectus? 



Can you provide any references? 


What our students say, there are various quotes on the site and you are welcome to contact any of our graduates and ask their opinion. We can often arrange for you to visit the college and speak to our current students as well.


Is the course recognised by the NHS or in law?


Unfortunately not and although acupuncture is used occasionally within the NHS  it is unusual. There is no acupuncture qualification of any kind that is officially recognized although some doctors do a course with the BMAS ( a short course open only to doctors) allowing them to treat NHS patients. Unfortunately (and in our opinion with no justification) the BMAS qualification is the only one accepted by the larger private medical insurance firms.


Will it be illegal to practice acupuncture without a degree or BAcC membership soon? 


No. On 16th Feb 2011 the Secretary of state for Health said: “I am confident that acupuncturists have their own voluntary regulatory measures in place which are sufficiently robust. Additionally, local authorities in England have powers to regulate the hygiene of the practice of acupuncture to protect against the risk of transmission of certain infectious diseases. Similar measures are also in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”. Unfortunately some colleges do give false information about this so if in doubt please e-mail or phone for clarification.


Can I work outside the UK? 


There is no nationally or internationally recognized qualification in acupuncture. Therefore no matter what qualification you have there will always be different requirements. We know that our qualification is acceptable in the UK but you will need to investigate exactly what the requirements are in your country if you intend to work outside the UK.

Is there any grant or funding available?


Not as far as we know but it may be possible to obtain some kinds of career development loan depending upon individual circumstances.

How do you cover all the material in only 36 days. 


The HAC courses are not attempting to compete with or bear direct comparison to any other course and we are proud of what we offer. It is an alternative where we cover what is directly relevant to daily practice. Our courses includes core theoretical material, sufficient Western medicine theory for health and safety and fewer points (although there are 300+ points most practitioners do not use more than about 50 on a regular basis). However, we still give a thorough grounding in the subject and include the all important clean needle health and safety training.  We focus on skills, practice and common sense to bring you to a point where you can practice safely and with confidence and competence. Of course that is still the beginning since you never stop learning and we always encourage our graduates to do further study. In fact we often lay on optional extra classes for our students.